How To Generate Free Traffic

There are many ways to generate FREE traffic but it’s important to understand what traffic is and the best practices that go with free traffic methods first.

Traffic is essential people… people clicking and reading your content, traffic comes in two ways, paid or free (organic).

Organic traffic requires more work and time but in the long run your views/clicks are free which is ideal if the traffic is converting into a sale.

When using any of the methods below its really important that you don’t spam groups or pages as you will end up being removed or banned.

If you’re posting inside Facebook groups for example, make sure you read the rules before posting to avoid being removed or banned.

The number one rule with free traffic is to make sure your offering value before adding your affiliate/landing page links.


Quora is a question and answer website used by thousands of people every day. Quora has a thread for pretty much every popular niche which is great for affiliate marketers as this allows us to start answering questions and adding our links.

To use quora you need to create an account, this is simple and free.

Once you’ve logged in type a keyword in the search box, for example, “weight loss”

Quora Search Example

From the image above you will see a list of topics, find a topic(s) that interests you and matches your articles/product/service.

Click the name of the topic to enter the question and answers section.

quora topic example

Once the questions have loaded take a look and see what questions you can answer (adding value), answer the question in as much detail as possible and add a link to your website/offer where appropriate in the answer.

Quora will not accept shortened URLs in most cases so you will need to send them to a standard  URL.


Reddit (also known as the front page of the internet) is a great place to generate free traffic from but it’s also very strict with spam and links being dropped.

Reddit allows you to search a keyword or phrase e.g. “how to lose weight” and then enter the conversation allowing you offer your advice (value) and a link.

Reddit search results

If you intend to use Reddit as a traffic source I’d suggest using it for a few weeks first without dropping any links to help build up your points and reputation in the community.

Once people recognize your name it will become much easier to obtain clicks.

Like Quora, you want to make sure that you’re adding value and helping people before adding your affiliate links, do NOT spam on Reddit you WILL be removed.

Reddit is an extremely active community and can drive huge amounts of traffic to your website/offers if you use this method correctly.


Instagram currently has 800 million users, this is great news for us affiliate marketers because this allows us to tap into a niche group of people for free.

If you search Instagram for “luxury cars” for example you will lots of results, some of these pages have over 1 million followers.

This goes to show that its possible to build a large following in a niche topic like luxury cars.

Building up your Instagram account will take time but your efforts will be worth it in the long run when you’re getting daily leads which could eventually turn into sales

These sales would all be made with zero advertising costs.

To build a large audience on Instagram its important that you develop a content strategy and stick to it.

For example:

How often will you post? 2/3 times a day? once a day? etc etc

What content will you be posting? just photos/ videos or both?

What hashtags are you going to be targeting? (its best to use all 30 #tags allowed)

Once you have answered these questions you will be able to start working on your content and executing your content strategy.

Facebook Groups

Facebook has millions of users and your probably one of them.

Over the past few years, Facebook groups have started gaining popularity and some groups have upwards of 1 million followers.

Facebook is much easier than Instagram to market on as you are able to add images/videos and links in the comment section.

One thing to consider when using Facebook groups to drive traffic is that you’re following the group rules.

Larger groups on Facebook will have multiple admin/moderators which most of the time will just remove you if you’re deemed to be spamming.

Like most free traffic sources its ideal to spend some time in the group helping people and offering value before adding any links.

If the group can see that you’ve been helping out, in most situations they don’t mind you adding links in your comments.

The best way to start helping is to look through the group you’ve joined and pick a few popular posts and add an in-depth answer to them, make sure that there unique and not just copy and pasted.

This is a really powerful free traffic source if done correctly.

You can also use Facebook groups for your own business, simply create a Facebook group and be consistent with adding content and building your user base.

Having your own groups allows you to build a better relationship with your audience and advertise to the whole group at any time without fear of breaking any rules.


Youtube is an extremely powerful method to drive traffic to your website/offers and is used by millions of people daily.

Some of the highest earning affiliates are using youtube to drive traffic and that’s  because:

1. It’s FREE

2. The traffic is targeted

Traffic on youtube is targeted because people, in general, are looking for a solution like “how do I change my fire alarm”.

The reason this is so powerful is that with selling all your doing is giving a solution to a problem…

On youtube, this is very easy to do because you can make a video related to that exact problem and supply a solution.

Most of the time you will leave a link in the description which would link through to your website/offer.

It’s very important that you have a solid content strategy in place so that your subscribers know when to expect your next video and what topics you talk about.

Youtube channels very rarely explode overnight and in general take a while to grow but when you do finally have a following of people interested in what you’re saying its very easy to convert them into customers.

When creating youtube videos its good practice to follow the 80/20 rules… the 80/20 rules mean 80% value 20% pitch.

It’s essential that when you upload videos you are adding eye-catching thumbnails and adding relevant tags and descriptions to get as many views as possible.

There are many services that offer free graphic design tools like if you aren’t able to use photo editing software.