What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is one of the leading drag and drop page builders around today, you can build a variety of pages including landing pages, sales funnels and membership pages.

The clickfunnels software is best known for its sales funnels and this is where it excels.

Clickfunnels comes with a large selection of pre-built templates that you can load and edit to match your branding etc.

Clickfunnels Template Example

Here are a few template examples from CF

The drag and drop feature makes creating a sales funnel/pages a breeze, especially for someone that struggles with design (this is why I started using Clickfunnels).

In a matter of minutes, you could have a professional mobile optimized sales funnels live and making you money!

This is what makes clickfunnels so powerful.

Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial which will allow give you time to work through the training videos and make your first funnel.

The question I know you want to ask now is… can I use this funnel to make money while I’m using a trial account?

Absolutely, this actually happened to me.

I made enough money in the first week to pay for my clickfunnels account.

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Are People Actually Making Money With Clickfunnels?

Yes, a lot of people have replaced there 9-5 job with their clickfunnels affiliate income, obviously, this doesn’t happen to everyone but many people have proved that its possible.

Clickfunnels 6 figure earner

LIke anything you sell/promote online your income will normally be related to how hard your working and this is true with the clickfunnels affiliate program.

If you have an advertising budget then results are normally quicker but its possible to achieve the same results with free traffic including email marketing, blogs, and social media.

Clickfunnels Organic Income Proof

Results achieved with organic traffic only

People are finding success with the clickfunnels affiliate program is due to the number of high-quality offers and generous commission rates available inside the affiliate program.

The best products to sell online are those that offer a monthly recurring payment, this means that you earn a commission each month the user stays part of the service/product.

Clickfunnels offer a 40% commissions for each user that joins so this will soon become a substantial monthly income.

What Clickfunnels Products Can Your Promote?

Clickfunnels currently has 17 products that you can advertise, these range from free books to copywriting software.

Each clickfunnels product comes with premade advertising material including email swipes, banners, and images which will help you start promoting the product much faster.

Clickfunnels done for you marketing material example

Once you register for a clickfunnels affiliate account you’re free to advertise any product you wish, you’re also automatically entered into the clickfunnels free car offer.

Once you get 100 people to join clickfunnels you will receive $500 per month towards a car then at 200 users clickfunnels will send you $1000 per month.

Below you will find a list of all the products that you can promote (at the time of writing this article), as you will see there are plenty of products and services to promote and earn commissions on.

  1.  Free 14 Day Trial – View Product/Offer
  2. Funnel Hacks Autowebinar – View Product/Offer
  3. Funnel Giveaway – View Product/Offer
  4. Affiliate Bootcamp – View Product/Offer
  5. DCS 108 Split Tests – View Product/Offer
  6. DotComSecrets Book – View Product/Offer
  7. Expert Secrets Book – View Product/Offer
  8. Funnel Fridays – View Product/Offer
  9. Funnel Graffiti – View Product/Offer
  10. Funnel Hackers Cookbook – View Product/Offer
  11. Funnel Scripts – View Product/Offer
  12. Funnel University – View Product/Offer
  13. Funnelhacker TV – View Product/Offer
  14. Marketing In Your Car – View Product/Offer
  15. Marketing Secrets – View Product/Offer
  16. Perfect Webinar – View Product/Offer
  17. Software Secrets – View Product/Offer

Before you decide on a product/service to promote I recommended that you go and have a look at the free material included and the commission rates so you can fully understand how much you can earn.

Some products like the book will only earn you $1 but are a great way to get a client on board.

If you collect their email address (you should be doing this) you would then be able to promote a clickfunnels membership or webinar for example which are worth much more.

How Are People Advertising Clickfunnels?

With affiliate marketing, there is no right or wrong way to promote a product or service as everybody has different skill sets.

Over the past few months, I have been watching how the top clickfunnels affiliates are advertising and I will outline them below.

Email Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “the monies in the list” and this is true… all the top affiliates are sending their email list daily emails building a relationship and recommending products that they use themselves.

You may not have an email list yet and that’s fine because the methods below will help you build a list.

The key to email marketing is to give value and not just send promotional emails all the time, a good rule is 80% value 20% sales.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are a form of paid advertising where you pay per click, a solo ad vendor will normally have a huge email list that is already interested in your niche meaning a greater change of opt-ins and sales.

Solo ads are a great way to build your own email list so its important that you capture the email addresses when you pay for a solo ad.

Clickfunnels is ideal for this as its very straightforward to set up a funnel and link your autoresponder.

When using solo ads it’s important that you research the vendor to ensure that you are sent real clicks from humans and not bots.

I only recommend people I have used personally and have made sales from, you can check my recommendations here or checkout udimi (free $5 when you signup using my link).

Facebook Ads

There are more than 1 billion people actively using facebook which makes Facebook ads a really powerful method to obtain new leads.

Facebook ads are relatively simple to set up but it’s important that you understand who you are targeting and their demographics for the ad targeting.

It’s very easy to waste money on Facebook ads if you aren’t targeting the right people.

With any form of advertising like Facebook ads, you will need to set up split tests to see what works best, this can include different images, headlines, and descriptions.

Always start off with a low budget like $5 when you are learning so you can learn what works for your audience without wasting lots of money.

So, Can You Actually Make Money With The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can and you can make A LOT of money!

The clickfunnels affiliate program isn’t a get rich scheme and it will take time to start earning commissions but it’s very possible that if you do take action and work hard you will see some amazing results.

Find an advertising method that works for you and scale this over time, your income will grow as you scale your investment of either time or money.

You can get started today by starting a 14 day free trial with clickfunnels.

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