What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks for beginners and has been around for well over 10 years.

The Clickbank affiliate network offers hundreds of products in all the popular niches, the platform is extremely simple to use making it very beginner friendly.

This affiliate network also has an outstanding reputation for making payments on time. (which is important to us affiliates!)

How To Signup For Clickbank

Signing up to Clickbank has gotten a bit harder over the past couple of months due to the company cracking down on spam accounts, it’s still very easy though, you can register here.

Make sure when you are filling out the application form that you answer the questions how they expected the question’s to be answered….

Selecting A Niche 

Selecting your niche is one of the most important parts of this whole process, you need to make sure that firstly your niche is profitable, what do I mean by this?

If your niche is profitable it means people are buying products and services in the niche which means there will be space for you to market to them as well.

If the niche has a really small engagement then you will struggle to make money.

Selecting a niche your interested in really helps when it comes to creating content as you already have a passion for it and will be able to speak to your potential clients on their level.

There are three niches that are classed as “evergreen” this means there will always be people to market to, the three evergreen niches are:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Make Money Online (investing, bitcoin etc)
  3. Dating & Relationships

Selecting one of these evergreen niches will give you a better chance of making money online but doesn’t guarantee success.

Finding A Product & Using The Filters

Now that we know what niche we are going to be working within we can now start looking for a product.

By now you should have signed up to Clickbank, if you haven’t you can register here.

Sign into your Clickbank account and select “Marketplace” from the navigation.

Clickbank Marketplace

You will now see on the left-hand side of the screen a list of categories (niches), if you click the main niche heading it will take you to the niche overview or you can expand the section and select a single category.

Clickbank categories

Depending on what you selected you will either see a refined list of products or all products within your chosen niche.

We only want to look at products that are currently selling well so we’re now going to use one of the Clickbank filters.

From the sort results drop-down select “Gravity“, this will sort the results based on their gravity score.

Clickbank Gravity

ClickBank gravity is a statistic for products in the ClickBank marketplace. Gravity factors in the number of affiliates who earned a commission promoting a ClickBank product over the previous 12 weeks.

We are going to use “Red detox tea” as our example as it has a high gravity score, anything over 50 is good.

Clickbank high gravity

You may notice below the product there’s a line of icons, each one of these has a different meaning including, recurring billing, up-sales, mobile friendly and so on.

Clickbank gives you the option to use more advanced filters to really narrow your search down.

Clickbank advanced filters

Above you will see a picture of all the advanced filters that you can use, the items that I have ticked are options that I always select because more and more people are using their phones so the website must be user-friendly.

I live and can only speak English so I target on English speaking countries, depending on who you want to promote to this would obviously change.

In the image above you will also notice I’ve circled two options these are because they are optional most of the time.

A recurring payment is preferred because you will be paid a monthly fee as long as the client continues paying but not all products offer this option.

The second optional filter is “must have affiliate tools”, some vendors create affiliate areas with all the images, ads, banners etc pre-made for you which will save you a lot of time.

Review The Product & Affiliate Section

We will now have a list of filtered products that we know sell well because we filtered by gravity and they match our requirements from the advanced filters.

This doesn’t always mean that the product is for you just because it’s selling well and matches your filters…

If the website looks spammy and you’re trying to build a brand for yourself this could really hurt your reputation.

Before you decide to promote a product select three from the list and have a look at them and ask your self these questions:

  1. Does this page look spammy?
  2. Does the content make me want to know more?
  3. Does the page suit/match your branding and ethics

When you ask yourself these questions you may find that the product that looked good based on gravity etc isn’t actually your best choice.

How To Promote A Product

Clickbank makes promoting a product very straightforward, next to the product you have selected click the red “Promote” button, this will bring up a pop-up window.

The popup box will ask you for your account username, this will be filled in already if you’re logged in.

The second option is a tracking id, adding a tracking id is really useful so you can understand and see where your clicks/sales are coming from.

Knowing where your traffic is coming from allows you to scale your business meaning you can start generating more money.

clickbank how to promote a product

Double check you have entered the details correctly before clicking “create“, once you have clicked create you will see another popup, this popup will contain your affiliate link.

clickbank affiliate link

The popup will contain two links, you only need to concern yourself with the top link, you will notice that the link is extremely ugly.

Chances are if you were sent that link you wouldn’t click it because you’d assume it was a dodgy website.

The best way to resolve this is to mask the link using a service like clickmagik or bit.ly which will give you a “pretty URL” to share instead.

e.g. bit.ly/2Kuy65a

This new link will still take the client to the correct affiliate page and will help avoid issues with platforms like Facebook blocking raw affiliate links (circled red link abaove).

If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap.