Gmail is an email service run by Google and has 1B monthly active users so ensuring that your emails are reaching the inbox is vital.

If your emails are going straight to spam there’s a very good chance that your emails will never read or seen.

Who Needs To Check Their Emails?

This tutorial is aimed at email marketers but will be useful for all businesses to ensure their campaigns are reaching Gmail inboxes.

I recommend if you’re advertising (affiliate marketing), e-commerce, lead generation, selling online that you use this method to check that your emails are being seen and helping you make a profit.

Let’s Get Started

I will be using my Aweber account for the tutorial so the images below may be different to what you’re seeing inside your mail client/autoresponder.

You will need to use the email account/autoresponder that will be sending the emails out as the checks below will tell you if your account has been blacklisted, filters missing etc.

To start we need to open two websites in separate windows.



Mail Tester Website


Google Spam Checker

Login into the email account/autoresponder where you’re going to send the email from and compose an email.

Use the exact subject and email body text that you will be sending out to your clients.

Mail Tester

Open the tab and copy the test email address, this is where we will be sending our email to.

Mail Tester Email Address

If you haven’t already copied the mail tester email address (see image above) please do that now and enter this email address into the “To” field inside your email client/autoresponder.

Aweber Set Mailter Email

You should now have your to address set (to the mail tester email address), subject and email body text.

If you’re happy this is all correct, send the email.

Once the email has been sent return to the tab and click the “Then Check Your Score” button.

Mail Tester Check Your Score

Please allow time for the email to arrive and the score to be calculated.

Mail Tester Spam Score

You will receive a score out of 10, the higher the score the better.

Mail tester will show you the reasons why your test received the score it did in a table below the results.(see image above).

Gmail Tabs

We can now move onto the next check with Google, the next check we will be doing will work in a similar way to mail-tester but Gmail will tell us what folder our email will be delivered to, our aim here is inbox.

Open up the tab and copy the Gmail test email address, we will be sending our email to this address.

Gmail Spam Test Email Address

We now need to go back to our email account/autoresponder.

Like the previous test, you should now have your to address set to the Gmail test email address (see above), subject and body text.

Gmail Spam Test Set Awber Email Address

If your happy everything is correct, send the email.

Once the email has been sent reopen the Gmail spam test tab and click the “I’ve Sent It” button.

Gmail Spam Test Send Email

Please allow time for the email to be delivered and the results calculated.

Gmail Spam Test Results

Once the result have been calculated Google will tell you what folder your email will be delivered to when you send it to a Gmail account.


My Email Went To Spam, What Can I Do Now?

If your email has been delivered to spam its important that you sort out this issue asap as you could be throwing away money if you’re using paid advertising.


  1. Study the report from mail-tester (our first test) and put all the recommendations in place.
  2. Make changes to the subject line
  3. Adjust the content within the email, if it sounds really spammy try to remove it and retesting the same email
  4. Send your emails from an email address that has a website link to it, google checks if the sender email address has any content linked to the domain, if it doesn’t it normally gets marked as spam.

Point number four is what I ended up doing and all my emails now go to the inbox on Gmail as a result of this.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.