Solo Ads

What’s A Solo Ad?

A solo ad is a paid email shot sent to someone else’s email list which normally contains highly targeted leads from within your niche. Most solo ad providers are adding 500+ fresh leads a day.

The great thing about solo ads is that once they opt-in to your offer you now have their email address on your personal list, this means you can start marketing to this person whenever you want.

The above only applies if you are capturing the email address via your own landing/squeeze page using software like clickfunnels or lead pages.


Where Should I Get Solo Ads From?

I personally only use Udimi and a few trusted solo vendors but that’s not saying there aren’t other trustworthy sources out there.


Are There Any Risks With Solo Ads?

Yes, unfortunately, like everything there will always be people trying to make a quick buck and they will send you bot traffic, the reason I said above I only use udimi and a few trusted vendors are because users are constantly reviewed by real people and have their traffic monitored.

ALWAYS read the reviews and look at how often people are making sales and what kind of opt-in rate they are reporting.

Another risk with solo ads is ordering a large number of clicks before testing a vendor, always start low around 100-125 clicks.

This amount of clicks should give you an idea of how good the traffic is etc.

ALWAYS test a vendor first.

It’s recommended to track the solo clicks through your own tracking software so you can see first hand the quality of traffic, the reports from the software can also be used to request a refund if you are sent bot traffic.


Recommended Solo Vendors

The following people I will be suggesting I personally use and trust, I will be adding to this section over time. 

I take no responsibility for your transactions with anyone I suggest. Always track clicks regardless of who recommends you.

Crazy Good Traffic

Stephen from crazy good traffic offers some of the best solo traffic I’ve had to date, on top of the quality traffic (100% Tier 1) his customer service is second to none.

Crazy Good Traffic offers multiple packages ranging from 100-1000 clicks.

Kevin Liaks

I’ve been purchasing solo ads from Kevin for a few months now and his traffic always converts very well for me and he’s always happy to help.

Having over 5 years experience in the online marketing niche Kevin really knows his stuff and will help you get the best results from your solo.

If you get in touch with Kevin let him know I send you and he will go the extra mile to help 🙂